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Ice-ocean interactions

Over the past decades, many glaciers along the coast of Greenland have been retreating and accelerating, sometimes dramatically. The retreat of these glaciers is initiated by the presence of warm and salty subsurface Atlantic Water (AW) in the fjords. Similarly in Antarctica, some sectors such as the Amundsen sea embayment are experiencing dramatic grounding line retreat and ice flow acceleration. These changes have been linked to the inflow of warm Circumpolar Deep Water (CPDW) onto the continental shelf. Improving our understanding of the physics of  ice-ocean interactions and how to include them in numerical models is therefore critical in order to improve our ability to project the dynamics of the ice sheets. Our current projects include the coupling of ISSM to the MITgcm, and the development of simple parameterizations based on plume theory and box models (PICOP).

Selected publications

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