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Paleo ice sheet modeling

Over the past few years, our group has been using new generation modeling technique to focus on the Holocene, where important paleoclimate archives constraining the past margin migration history of the ice sheet exist.  We investigate how changes in climatic conditions affected the rate of retreat of the Greenland ice sheet.

Selected publications

  • J.K. Cuzzone, N.-J. Schlegel, M. Morlighem, E. Larour, J.P. Briner, H. Seroussi and L. Caron, The impact of model resolution on the simulated Holocene retreat of the southwestern Greenland ice sheet using the Ice Sheet System Model (ISSM), The Cryosphere 13 (2019) 879-93 [link]
  • H. Åkesson, M. Morlighem, K.H. Nisancioglu, J.I. Svendsen and J. Mangerud, Atmosphere-driven ice sheet mass loss paced by topography: Insights from modelling the south-western Scandinavian Ice Sheet, Quaternary Science Reviews 195 (2018) 32-47 [link]
  • A.A. Bjørk, N.K. Larsen, J. Olsen, A.E. Goldsack, K.K. Kjeldsen, M. Morlighem, C.S. Andresen, P. Rasmussen, G. Oxfeldt and K.H. Kjær, Holocene history of the Helheim Glacier, southeast Greenland, Quaternary Science Reviews 193 (2018) 145-58 [link]
  • K. Haubner, J.E. Box, N.J. Schlegel, E.Y. Larour, M. Morlighem, A.M. Solgaard, K.K. Kjeldsen, S.H. Larsen, E. Rignot, T.K. Dupont and K.H. Kjær, Simulating ice thickness and velocity evolution of Upernavik Isstrøm 1849-2012 by forcing prescribed terminus positions in ISSM, The Cryosphere 12 (2018) 1511-22 [link]
  • S.L. Cronauer, J.P. Briner, S.E. Kelley, S.R.H. Zimmerman and M. Morlighem, 10Be dating reveals early-middle Holocene age of the Drygalski Moraines in central West Greenland, Quaternary Science Reviews 147 (2016) 59-68 [link]
  • J.A. MacGregor, W.T. Colgan, M.A. Fahnestock, M. Morlighem, G.A. Catania, J.D. Paden and S.P. Gogineni, Holocene deceleration of the Greenland Ice Sheet, Science 351 (2016) 590-93 [link]
  • J.M. Lea, D.W.F. Mair, F.M. Nick, B.R. Rea, D. van As, M. Morlighem, P.W. Nienow and A. Weidick, Fluctuations of a Greenlandic tidewater glacier driven by changes in atmospheric forcing: observations and modelling of Kangiata Nunaata Sermia, 1859–present, The Cryosphere 8 (2014) 2031-45 [link]
  • J.M. Lea, D.W.F. Mair, F.M. Nick, B.R. Rea, A. Weidick, K.H. Kjær, M. Morlighem, D. Van As and J.E. Schofield, Terminus-driven retreat of a major southwest Greenland tidewater glacier during the early 19th century: insights from glacier reconstructions and numerical modelling, Journal of Glaciology 60 (2014) 333-44 [link]