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Bed topography mapping (BedMachine)

We have devised a new method to infer the bed topography beneath the ice sheets at high resolution (150 m) based on the conservation of mass and optimization. The traditional method for interpolating ice thickness data from airborne radar sounding surveys onto regular grids is to employ geostatistical techniques such as kriging. While this approach provides continuous and seamless maps of ice thickness, it generates products that are not consistent with ice flow dynamics and are impractical for high-resolution ice flow simulations. Recently, we mapped the entire coast of Greenland (Morlighem et al. 2014) and showed that glaciers flow down well-defined, deep topographic channels with deep narrow depressions within mountain block landscapes, suggesting that the ice sheet will be vulnerable to more rapid retreat in the coming century than previously thought.

We released in September 2017 an updated bed topography map of Greenland: BedMachine v3

Selected publications

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